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September 18, 2009
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“Fucking Francis! I hate Francis! And is goddamn vest!”  Zoey crawled forward, her knees dirty and swollen from hours of sneaking around. It had sounded like a good idea at the time. Dress up as witch, sneak into the bio lab where a possible cure for whatever the hell had turned the world into a crawling pieces of crap. Then Francis had come up with the lovely idea of the costume. Sure, it looked like what a witch wore. Its just she didn’t WANT to spend 5 hours crawling around on the floor like a spastic in something that could only charitably be called “Revealing”. Still, she’d made it this far. Suddenly, Zoey’s hand, slippery from hours of sweating it out, dropped the flashlight. It clattered on the floor in the suddenly very silent room. A couple of infected turn to look at her, and Zoey froze, trying not to look up. Then, she quickly slid into the witch’s normal pose, brawling her eyes out for the satisfied Infected. The crying part wasn’t too hard. These damn red contacts were stinging like shit! As the Infected moved away, Zoey crawled forward, grimacing as she went deeper into the lab, as red , wet eyes watched her from the distance, leering.

Zoey slumped against a wall, exhausted. Why the hell couldn’t they of put the main lab on the first floor like normal people, instead of the 11th?  People don’t LIKE climbing up 11 rows of stairs. Zoey panted, and struggled to gain strength. At least she had got rid of the flashlight problem. It was too risky to keep holding the flashlight in her hand, after what happened last time. Then, she realized that her breasts would make a good a place as any. No one was going to see. Well, except the Infected, but they weren’t too interested in that area anymore. But at last, she could get this so called cure and get the fuck out of here. She looked at the flimsy hand gun in her gloved hand and sighed. She’d wanted a bigger gun, but FRANCIS had said that would give her away. Godammit, what had she done to deserve this? Zoey crawled forward, and rifled noisily through the cabinets, until she found the right one. “Marked with red, blue, green and orange. Yep, Louis was right after all”
“Right about what?”

Zoey froze. The Voice had been raspy and malicious, but there had been an odd note in its tone. It almost sounded like that person had been….crying? Zoey Spun around into the red glare of witch. She could see the tear marks on the Witches skin, and when she looked closely, she realized this was actually a fairly beautiful witch, with most of her human looks still visible. This wasn’t normal in a witch. A new strain? And how the he The Witch smiled, and lashed out, slapping Zoey violently across the face. The Witches sharp fingers stung. Zoey cried out in pain, and the Witch smiled, looking demented in the poor light. “That’s better. If you’re going to pretend to be a witch, you should at least be crying.” The Witch faked a sigh “Kid’s these days.”

Zoey grimaced. Shit, her cover was blown. No point faking it now “How the hell can you talk, Witch? And why isn’t it that you haven’t ripped my guts out yet?” The Witch reached down, still smiling, and tugged Zoey up by her hair. “Don’t tempt me. And please call me Sophie from now on. As for your first question, I was a staff member here before the mass infection. Before it got to me I injected myself with our prototype “Cure”. It half worked, as you can see, and I now not only keep most of my looks, but can think intelligently, at the tiny cost of most of my sanity. It also granted me some extra abilities, which you’ll find out about soon enough”

Zoey desperately scrambled for her gun, but “Sophie”, her eyes flashing red knocked it deftly out of reach and through Zoey into a cabinet with a lazy flick of her wrist. “Now, for your second question. As I still have my intelligence, I can control my sorrow and my anger, though I’m afraid the crying thing is instinct now. Stop trying to get away, or the last thing you’ll see will be your organs” Zoey stopped, terrified as “Sophie" crawled over to her. “Now, the extra abilities part” Zoey flinched, expecting pain, and instead got a cold hand on her breast. She tried to struggle, but the other hand held her tight. Suddenly, the hand on her breast started to squeeze, and pierce the skin minutely.

The Witch grinned as Zoey lost all remaining strength. “This is my favourite ability. My fingers excrete a liquid that can drain people of their strength. Why go for the breast? No reason, I just enjoy it” Zoey slumped, conscious but unable to move, into Sophie’s arms. The Witch leaned in closer, to whisper to Zoey. “And here’s the second part. Normal Witches cannot spread the virus, but because I had the cure in my body, its reaction has caused a system similar to the flu. My infection is now contagious, with the added bonus of me being freely able to choose who I infect” Zoey tried desperately to struggle from Sophies grip, but had no ability to move. Then came a curious feeling. It started from her breast, which The Witch was now rhythmically squeezing. It was a feeling of intense…enjoyment. As the feeling spread across Zoey’s body, she started to grin.  Sophie let the now completely unresisting Zoey all into her lap and gently stroked her head.

“This is the third and final part of my powers. That feeling of intense ecstasy that is coursing through your body will soon consume you, leaving your mind devoid of anything but happiness. It’s also a drug, and your body will now start to need it to survive, especially as your become a Witch like me. In fact, your body will need it so much that you will think nothing else except about how to gain it, namely, from me. There’s some good news for you though. You’re going to turn into a half Witch, like me! And you can be my plaything, for as long as I wish.” In her head Zoey scrambled to gain control, and managed to raise an arm, only for it to reach out to the witch and hold her tightly. Zoey struggled out some words “please….no…..stop…..its….please”

Zoey moaned as her body felt like it was going to burn from the intense feelings. She jerked instinctively, and Sophie reached down and gently kissed her on the lips. The raging happiness, looking for any way to control the body, leaped at the sudden chance as Zoey got caught up in the motion, her free hand softly dragging the witch down as her fingers ripped through the gloves fabric, looking strangely sharp. The Torch slipped from her breasts as Sophie ran a hand over them, delicately caressing them.  Her contacts fell out, and as she opened her eyes a fierce red glowed in them. As the drug reached her mind, Zoey lost all control, seeking only the drug, and its giver. She pulled The Witch closer to her, and embraced her delicately crying tears of joy for the first time in a while. The Witch, losing control herself, pulled Zoey in closer, and whispered in her ear.
“Welcome to your new life. Feel free to cry”
Story for Rosvo's pic here [link] . I wrote this one a little while back, just had to wait until the pic was ready. Enjoy. Oh, and this contains yuri, so if your not into that kinda stuff, then dont read it.
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WarfareB0y Featured By Owner Dec 16, 2013
Sorry to bust everyones cherry, but the whole concept of this story is stolen, it explains why Sophie is so random. She is actually nice, and yes she is a Witch. Here is the link as proof: <---- The REAL story. Don't blame the guy for bad Grammar, if you have half a mind... Its easy to compensate.
SwedenSpeedway Featured By Owner Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
..........but Zoey and the others are carriers. They can't be infected?
chichi-dragon-lover Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
A really nice story! I would really like to see a sequel to it. *w*
wizardbaker Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
Ok, this was...interesting.

Good things:
Interesting, sexy plot

Sophie seemed...well...random. "Oh, not only can I do this, I can do that, and that, and that, your my sex toy now."
And Zoey is sorta Immune to the normal virus...


BoredAsAnythingSide Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2011
Thanks for your comment^^.

This is one of my older stories, hence the bad spelling. I seriously struggle to spell check my stuff^^. Also, I agree the Sophie seems to go on for a bit, and as for the immunity...I'm just going to say creative license and pretend I knew about that all along.
wizardbaker Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
BoredAsAnythingSide Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
What does that have to do with anything?
wizardbaker Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
nothing, it's just a funny thing I found. :[
notthisguy2 Featured By Owner Mar 6, 2011
YEAH! Now read THIS!
KnightOfTheEarth Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2011
oh god,god,god,god i hope there's more.
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